Savings Accounts

Mill Town Signature Savings

Our regular share account is the basic savings account you open to begin your member/ownership in the credit union. The minimum balance required is $50. This $50.00 remains in your account at all times in order to continue your membership.

Super Youth Savings Accounts

Starting kids off on the right financial path is easy when you start here.  Our Youth Savings Account is set up for ages 0 to 20, and offers an interest rate of 5% APR above the current rate on the first $750 of the account, with the rest earning the current rate of return of our Mill Town Signature Saving Account.   Family and friends can help kids save by direct depositing money bi-weekly or monthly too.  When kids come in and make a deposit to their account they get to pick a prize from our “treasure chest”.

Christmas Club

Earn interest while putting money aside for your holiday season.  Mill Town’s Christmas club earns the same interest rate as our Mill Town Signature Savings Account. It easy to use too; have money transferred bi-weekly, monthly, or as you choose through automatic deposit.

Vacation Club

Dreaming of warmer weather in winter or the cool down of some fresh European breeze?  Your vacation starts here at Mill Town Credit Union.  Earn interest while putting money aside for a trip to a day at the zoo or traveling around the world. This account earns the same interest as our Mill Town Signature Savings account. Add money anytime or through direct deposit. Aloha!

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