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Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Use the equity in your home to add a new deck or pool, fix that leaky roof, finance your children's education, buy a new vehicle, take a dream vacation, or consolidate credit card balances into one monthly low cost payment.

We offer Home Equity Line of Credit Loans, which have a fixed dollar amount that you have the ability to draw/take advances over and over up to the loan amount.  Interest rate is tied to prime rate. The annual percentage rate may increase after consummation. This is a revolving line of credit and you pay for only the amount advanced. Loan payment is 1% of amount borrowed. There is also no required amount to advance on the initiation of this line of credit.

If you print out your application please send it back by either fax at 425.259.1361 or email to milltown@milltowncu.org

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