Consumer Loans

Personal Line of Credit

Allows you to borrow only the money you need and offers a variable interest rate that is generally lower than fixed loan rates. Your payments are variable depending on the outstanding balance. Contact the credit union for more information.

Shared Secured Loan

Build your credit while using the current funds in your share account as your available balance.  We’ll hold those funds until the balance of the loan is paid off.

Signature Loans

A Signature Loan is an unsecured personal loan which has a fixed rate and term up to 3 years and a loan amount up to $5,000. Use your Signature Loan for unexpected expenses, major purchases, bill consolidation or home repairs.

Timeline Loans

An unsecured loan that is a revolving line of credit. Use for overdraft protection or other personal needs. Line amounts are up to $5,000. and can be used over and over.

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